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Wow. The past year has flown by. It’s high time I update this thing. I’ve been busy since my last post. I wrote a handful of pieces for Jacobin talking about smartphones, and the free market fantasies of conscious capitalists. I wrote about Facebook and our desire for a genuine digital commons. There’s one about development in the Global South, and another on feminism and socialism for our special print supplement The ABCs of Socialism (Check it out — it’s great!). And of course the election. Here’s a Trump piece and some musings on Bernie.


What else? I wrote some pieces telling people about my book The New Prophets of Capital. This piece for the Guardian on Oprah Winfrey sparked some heated debate. I also wrote a piece for the lovely folks at openDemocracy on the false prophets of social transformation and a short piece for Al Jazeera critiquing the Gates Foundation. Dissent published a nice Q & A and more recently Be Scofield over at Decolonizing Yoga put up an excerpt on her excellent site.


Oprah Winfrey in 2011. Photograph: Todd Williamson/WireImage



First Post: Pre-blog Pieces

Here are a few pieces I published elsewhere:

This piece for AlterNet relates the 2009 restructuring/bailout of GM and Chrysler to Detroit’s July 18 Chapter 9 filing.

This piece talks about Sam Gindin and Leo Panitch’s new book, The Making of Global Capitalism.

Here is another piece I wrote for Jacobin on Chrysler’s ‘Imported From Detroit’ ad campaign.  aschoff

Illustration by Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch

I wrote this piece, Vultures in the ER, a while back for Dollars and Sense. It talks about private equity firms and healthcare.