Monthly Archives: April 2015

Book Launch!


Join me this Monday night at Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn, along with Liza Featherstone and Bhaskar Sunkara, for the launch of my new book, The New Prophets of Capital. It should be a great discussion!


Traffic Courts and Inequality


The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights just put out this report. Here is a blurb from the report:

“Low-income Californians are being disproportionately impacted by state laws and procedures related to driver’s license suspensions. Due to increased fines and fees and reduced access to courts, more than four million Californians have suspended drivers licenses. These suspensions make it harder for people to get and keep jobs, harm credit ratings and raise public safety concerns. Ultimately they keep people in long cycles of poverty that are difficult if not impossible for many to overcome. This report highlights the impacts on families, how the problem happens and what can and should be done to rectify it.”